Details of the offer for Let the windows open - Windows LPE Research H/F about r-d at RandoriSec in Paris

As part of its development, RandoriSec is looking for an intern who wants to join a consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity.
The candidate will join the team dedicated to R&D on reverse engineering issues and vulnerability research.

Let the windows open - Windows LPE Research
Windows is still the world's most used operating system, accounting for around 70 % share of the desktop, tablet, and OS console market.
The windows kernel displays a large attack surface. With a lot of components that can be reached from userland in different ways, and provided that it's a closed-source operating system, vulnerability research has some obstacles that must be overcome in order to hunt for vulnerabilities.
Some of these components have been extensively investigated by the security community, but the closed source nature of Windows makes it hard to apply some of the vulnerability research techniques to hunt for bugs.

The intern will:
Learn and assess the state of the art, choose different attack surfaces and hunt for exploitable bugs.

Primary goals of the internship are:
Learning some basics of windows internals
Reverse-engineer various windows components
Create and improve various fuzzing tools

Secondary goals:
Confirmi the impact on the security system by exploiting the potentially found bugs

Profile of the intern:
Proficient in C/C++, x86_64 assembly and scripting (Python or Ruby)
Fluent in English and french
Highly motivated

Internship based in Paris (75004), near the Chatelet metro station.
The internship may lead to a permanent hiring within the team.