Details of the offer for Internship Android userland vulnerabilities M/W about r-d at RandoriSec in Paris

As part of its development, RandoriSec is looking for an intern who wants to join a consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity.
The candidate will join the team dedicated to R&D on reverse engineering issues and vulnerability research.

System highway - Android userland vulnerabilities
The Android ecosystem has been constantly evolving for many years and the userland layer presents an attractive surface: the applications are as close as possible from the users, many applications even come pre-installed on smartphones, all different depending on the manufacturer.
How do you correctly identify the attack surface? What are the means for an application (or application chain) to elevate its privileges?
How to automate all these actions on mass analysis of applications?

The intern will:
Summarize a state of the art of Android logical bug exploitation techniques;
Take over and improve the team's existing analysis tool, in particular by integrating a shade analysis;
Validate development work by finding vulnerabilities through writing exploitation codes.

Profile of the intern:
Proficient in Java and Android;
Programming in Python;
Willingness to explore topics related to vulnerability research and reverse engineering;
Fluent in English and French.

Internship based in Paris (75004), near the Chatelet metro station.
The internship may lead to a permanent hiring within the team.