Guillaume Vassault-Houlière talks to us about YesWeHack :

Yeswehack's history began when, in 2011, Paolo Pinto, aka crashfr, reserved the domain name without really having decided what he was going to do with it...

A move that, knowing his philosophy, was supposed to have been a reference to the "yes we can" slogan Barack Obama used during his presidential campaign.

The domain name experienced its first Internet buzz during the French 2012 presidential campaign thanks to a fictional presidential candidate called hackerzvoice.

The objective of the operation was to promote the 10 years of the Nuit du Hack.

Its actual fate was very different. During the years in information security, I noticed that the recruiting methods had not evolved with the art.

Up until only a few years ago, a hacker could not be recruited for information security by anyone but another member of the community.

At the time, only companies with a visionary side or those in need of innovation understood that tomorrow's talent consisted of enthusiasts evolving well beyond the behaviors accepted in the hiring world.

In 2013, the supply in this area exceeded the demand, while good resources became rare because being a hacker, above all, means being an enthusiast that wishes to practice his or her craft for a company the same way an artist wishes to display his or her art in a gallery.

Recruiting, finding a job, offering or finding an internship in IT security is like an obstacle course.

In fact, there is no single tool that meets all these requirements, and any services that attempt to come close are too generalized and not very user-friendly.

Tools that are being offered are not focused, difficult to use, and too general even to hope to help you save time when recruiting or looking for a job.

Simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency in a single area of, a passion for, information security.

Yeswehack makes available to employers and candidates alike an ultimate tool that will make your daily IT security routine easier.