Détail de l'annonce pour le poste de SOC engineer H/F chez Vente-privee.com à St-Denis

About IT Security team:

Our security team is composed by developers, SRE, Pentester, SOC analyst and numerous multi specialist among other things.

Our goal is to find innovative solutions to solve IT security issues, adapted to business needs.

Moreover, our code is open and shared to the community in order to help others and get feedbacks.

Our main purpose is automation. Take time to gain time!

If a bot can do it, we are better off having fun on interesting topics or, obviously, afterworks.

What are we working on? You will have fun because ELK, Python, Golang, Ansible, Git, trolls and opensource projects are used every day.

Offensive and Defensive teams used to make fun of each other. We endure redteams, it is hard but benefic

You may have already crossed us? Articles, conferences, CTF, open to all!


Your (and our) missions:

You will work in the SOC team with the mission of improving the SIEM, the security level of the SI and the processing of alerts. Development around the Elasticsearch environment, Honey pots, Data learning and a lot of innovative topics.

Understanding, documenting and communicating are the three key points of the mission.

The job of the engineer is to collaborate with all the employees of the company.


Who are we looking for?

Enthusiastic, motivated and naturally curious profiles who want to learn and improve vente-privee IT security level

Someone who understands that boring and time-consuming tasks could be industrialized



  • Operating Systems, network infrastructure, coding, forensic investigation.
  • Experience: The most important is the motivation!
  • Language: English


Bonus: #SANS #CIS #Scripting #Elastic #FIR



We don’t want you to be forced to work somewhere.

Based in several cities as Paris (Saint-Denis), Amsterdam, Warsaw, Lyon, Nantes… you can tell us where you want to work, and we will discuss about it.

Tell us what’s best for you!

Remote working can also be discussing within our IT department.



Working at vente-privee is full of benefits.

You’re a good speaker? You want to share your passion and being helped on it?

VP Tech will help you reaching tech community thanks to numerous sponsorships and conferences.

Your participation will also be highly rewarded, because you're the best.

We want to take care of you. That’s why we have a canteen, a concierge, and a fitness room (but these are negotiable to suits with your demands).


Family is important for us. We want to take care of yours as much as you do, that’s why we provide to you an insurance and a foresight.

Create your rules, tell us what you want to, and we will find the perfect match between you, and us.


Contact us !

You know everything about the job. However you might want to know more, or just talk with us?

Our careers at  carrers.vente-privee.com/vptech

We can’t wait to hear your story and to start a new one together!