Details of the offer for Reverse Engineering et recherche de vulnérabilités M/W about reversing at Risk&Co in Levallois-Perret

As part of the strengthening of our company in the Paris region, we are looking for a cyber security consultant with a background in reverse engineering and vulnerability research.

If you are interested in the evolution of Google's Android update policies, if you regularly read the reports of the main anti-virus companies concerning the latest APTs, if you are not put off by the size of Project 0 blog posts or if you like to dissect a CVE from time to time, then no doubt that Risk&Co will be a fulfilling environment for your technical culture.

Why join us? 

You will be joining a leading risk management group, which offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach enabling you to work on major projects in critical areas such as industry, energy and defence.
You will develop your skills in a close-knit, top-level team with accessible senior management. Depending on your interest, you will also be able to develop e-skills in our other technical auditor professions.
You will have a real impact and will be able to measure the effects of your work in a real environment.
You will also be able to take on technical or managerial responsibilities depending on your profile and experience.

Required profile

The skills, knowledge and singularities expected for the position are as follows:

Knowledge of system architectures, Linux and/or Windows and/or mobile operating systems;
Particularly developed taste for the field of computer security;
knowledge of the main techniques for operating applications;
Ability to develop in native (C or C++) or Script (Python) languages;
curiosity, willingness to learn and a long history in the field.
Enthusiasm for Linux systems is as much accepted as for Windows.

If they are not strictly required, the following qualities will be highly appreciated :

Participation in a development project;
Appetence for Threat Intelligence ;
participation in online challenges or CTFs;
publication of a technical article.

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