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At, emptying and cleaning your home or business premises is no longer a problem. Our team of passionate experts takes care of everything with total discretion and respect for your privacy. With over 10 years' experience, we're available 24/7 to intervene quickly. After each clearance, we leave the premises spotless. And if you're interested in some of the furniture, you can even buy it back. Your personal satisfaction is our priority at sos-debarras, so we make it easy to clear out your home!

Our vision

Our vision is to constantly offer our customers an exceptional, personalized experience, providing the best possible services while respecting the environment.

Why choose us?

At Sos-Debarras, our mission is simple: to provide a reliable, tailor-made service to individuals and professionals who want to get rid of bulky items easily, without any extra effort or invasion of privacy.

How does it work?

Need to get rid of furniture in your home? Once you've contacted us by phone or e-mail, an experienced member of our team will make a rapid visit to your home.

During this first visit, our expert takes the time to understand your home's layout and access. Together, we draw up an inventory of the items you wish to have removed.

Following this visit, we provide you with a detailed estimate.


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