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Secure-Senior: protecting your loved ones

As experts in subscription-free fall detectors, we offer you the ideal solution.

Unlike traditional (telecare) models, Secure-Senior devices connect directly to emergency callers. Alerts are automatically sent in case of a fall and when the SOS button is activated.

The system works with a SIM card and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its geolocation functions, you will always know if your family member is nearby.

Ultimately, it works on the same principles as a regular phone and allows you to stay in touch with your loved one. In case of an emergency, the device puts you on the line and on speakerphone so you can talk to your loved one.

The box is designed to make communication as easy as possible.

Fall detector sent directly configured

The detectors we sell are pre-configured with your personal data. Your device will be ready to use.

All our devices can be used with a SIM card.
Just like a regular smartphone, the fall detectors without subscription can be used with any SIM card.

This card allows you to send geolocated SMS alerts and make phone calls.

A customer area 
When you place an order, we integrate your information into your future device.

Here again, you have the possibility to modify your personal data remotely and autonomously on the customer's system.

Have you encountered a problem with your system?

Contact us immediately in your customer area to solve it remotely. If a human intervention is necessary, a technical expert will be quickly dispatched on site.

Our fall detectors benefit from a two-year legal guarantee of conformity.


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