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Founded in 2013, PKvitality ( is a fast-growing startup.  Our day job?  To create a wearable that will revolutionize the lives of tens of millions of diabetics by allowing them to measure their blood sugar levels painlessly and without taking blood. Our vision is to combine the comfort and pleasure of using consumer electronics with the precision of the medical device world. This approach is acclaimed by the healthcare professionals with whom we collaborate and validated by the tens of thousands of patients who have registered to benefit from the product as soon as it is released.With more than 7 Awards, including the Best of Innovation 2017 at the CES in Las Vegas, recognized as a Young Innovative Company by the BPI, Member of the Global Entrepreneur Program of Dassault Systemes, winner of the EIT Health Catapult in front of more than 200 healthcare startups, PKvitality has secured more than €11M in funding and is strengthening its team of 30 collaborators for its development.

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