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Founded in 2015 by senior security experts, GreenLock Advisory is (and will always be) an independent consulting and audit firm. The diversity of our expertises allows us to offer support in the most appropriate way to the needs of our clients.

Cyber-Security is a wide domain, in perpetual transformation and increasingly business impacting. New vulnerabilities and attack scenarios are revealed every day and organizations have to face them. Be rational, relevant and independent are the three pillars that compose our mindset when we intervene. We believe this strategy leads to efficiency, providing actionable and practical results. Because we want to maintain our skills at a very high level, about one-fifth of our time is dedicated to infosec watching, trainings and attending conferences.

We are conscious that security recommendations could appear very technical in the first instance to our interlocutors. We are committed to systematically adapting the level of detail of our speech to each one of them. The challenge is to get our messages to the right level of abstraction, without losing essential information, so that they can make the best decision possible.

In addition, we maintain and integrate the PatrOwl solution allowing the automation and the orchestration of SecOps (see

Typologies of typical services:

  • Security Audits, Intrusion Tests, Code Audits, Vulnerability Audits, Configuration and Compliance Audits,
  • Red team / blue team exercises
  • Management, evaluation and risk analysis (ISO 27k, EBIOS, ...)
  • Security Project Management: Vulnerability Management, Secure Coding, SAST / DAST in CI/CD pipeline
  • Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Hunting

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