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Debouchage-Canatec is a company specializing in unclogging pipelines in Roussillon. We aim to solve the most complex pipeline problems and guarantee a high success rate with our experience, efficient organization, and high-performance equipment. Our mission is to provide qualified customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nearly 20 years, so you can quickly enjoy the comfort you need for your home. Our vision is to be recognized as the leading player for all your pipeline unclogging needs.## Why choose us? - Unclogging Service :

    • Emergency intervention 24/7 in the Pyrénées-Orientales (PO) and Aude.
    • Free call number: 04 68 920 920
    • Our Strengths
    • Specialized in unclogging in Roussillon.
    • Team equipped with effective vehicles and equipment.
    • 100% success rate for unclogging.
    • Unclogging Services :
    • Manual unclogging (€110 incl. VAT): for bathtub, shower, dishwasher, toilet, siphon, evacuation.
    • Video inspection (€110 incl. VAT): for control, camera passage, simple finding, sewer manhole inspection, sanitary pipeline inspection.
    • Hydro cleaning (€190 incl. VAT): high pressure unclogging, waste suction, cleanliness verification, free video control.But also :
    • Professionalism, equipment, experience.
    • Knowledge of local specificities.
    • Availability 24/7.
    • Free advice and quotes.

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