Détail de l'annonce pour le poste de Application Pentester H/F en pentesting chez AUSY à Valbonne

Ausy By Randstad

English : Mandatory

Roles and responsibilities of the project

The goal of this mission is to evaluate the vulnerabilities of our applications by running pentests in coordination with development teams. It is needed to assess their level of quality in terms of security. It can be performed on legacy and new applications.


 Running of Pentests on Applications in compliance with Application Security Office rules

  _ Coordination with development teams to access the applications

  _ Finding of vulnerabilities by scanning, fuzzing, reverse engineering applications.

 Provide the Application Security pentester tooling needs

  _ Providing of the tooling need to our software developer for automation & help purpose.

 Documentation of the work

  _ Production of the pentest documentation necessary for the restesting purposes and knowledge sharing.

Project Goal

Expected Deliverables are the following:

  • pentest report for each conducted pentest

  • documentation on pentest execution for retest purposes

  • propositions for efficiency improvement & automation

  • smooth coordination with development teams, and pentest coordinators


Pentesting domain (Web, API, Mobile, backend) Very good knowledge of OWASP, MITER, PTES Directly able to do pentest (common use of nmap, burpsuite, wireshark, metasploit, kali linux tools…) Certification OSCP, CEH (BONUS)