Details of the offer for Software and Hardware Reverse Engineering Cyber Security Expert M/W about reversing at Digital Security in Paris, a subsidiary of the Econocom Group, is a consulting firm specializing in the field of cybersecurity, connected object security and industrial security. With our 230 employees in major cities in France and internationally, we assist companies and administrations in defining their security strategies, their implementation and their maintenance measures applied. is characterized by its rare capabilities for innovation and security research and created the CERT-DS, the first CERT ™ specialized in the ecosystem of connected objects and with its own R & D laboratory. Because the value of digital security lies in our ability to let our employees flourish and their curiosity to express themselves, we capitalize on the talents we recruit for the purpose of: • Better know and apprehend threats. • Constantly find new solutions and working methods for companies, • To best serve business cybersecurity ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES Attached to the CERT of, you integrate a dynamic and experienced team performing R & D work: Vulnerability search; Wireless communication protocol studies; Hardware and software security; Hardware and software reverse engineering; Security of integrated circuits; Public interventions as part of our communication program (conferences, press articles, workshops, ...); Contribution to the internal tools. PROFILE You have a good analytical mind and are able to adapt to new technologies with their particularities and challenges. You like to debase and dissect machines and obscure codes. You are online knowledge in electronics and systems programming embedded, and are interested in the security of electronic components and their firmware. Software radio knowledge is a plus. PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENTS • Place of work: Local of is located in Lyon, Paris • CDI