Details of the offer for Mobile applications reverse-engineer M/W about reversing at 86 RUE DE PARIS 91400 ORSAY in Paris

Budget Insight is a banking data aggregator. Public, well-document and complete APIs are pretty rare in the banking context, so reverse-engineering is part of our daily work, whether we deal with an obscure web framework or with a mobile banking app using an obfuscated API.

We're growing our mobile app reverse-engineering team and are looking for someone with skills and experience on Android or iOS. Apps routinely contain certificate verification, obfuscation, multi-factor authentication.

Missions are:

  • observe and understand network calls made by banking apps to their internal APIs
  • use Python to call discovered APIs


  • autonomy and curiosity
  • disassemble an app
  • use a packet analyzer
  • debug smali code (for Android) is an asset