Details of the offer for Ethical Hacker [Berlin, Hong Kong or Jakarta] about r-d at Security Research Labs in Berlin

Your responsibilities:

  • You contribute hacking knowledge to SRLabs research projects
  • You work with our young and motivated expert team on practical hacking problems
  • You conduct cutting-edge research on popular systems that have evaded scrutiny for years
  • You design, build, and sometimes operate innovative tools to enhance the security of our clients
  • You contribute design ideas to secure systems and will help the greater community building secure technologies

Your key skills

  • You have a deep technical knowledge of mobile and web security, and authentication schemes
  • You ideally have experience already with cryptology or cryptanalysis
  • You can read and break code in languages such as Python, Java, C[++] and PHP
  • You have taken over machines and attacked networks, e.g in CTF contests
  • You can configure systems to be more attack-resistant
  • You enjoy working in a dynamic and motivated team