Details of the offer for Senior vulnerabilty and retro engineering researcher M/W about r-d at RandoriSec in Paris

In the hope of developping our vulnerablty and retro engineering team here at RandoriSec, we are looking for a senior engineer to join our ranks. 

RandoriSec was oriented since its inception towards offsensive security but we would like to go a step further and work our way back to finding vulnerabilities before they become issues for our clients; hence the fact that we're looking for someone to help us achieve that.

Within the team, the candidate will:

  • Be the technical lead for the team
  • Take part in the process of retro ingineer many different components 
  • Look for vulnerabilities on these same components
  • Participate in developing tools which will help simplify and accelerate our researches. 

The candidate should be:

  • Someone who feels strongly about vulnerabilty research, someone with an innovative spirit, highly independant with leading aptitudes and who will drive the entire team as technical referee. 

  • People who have already worked in this field or similar or participated in proved themselved during CTF challenges will have an advantage. 


TBD, Depending on each profile and their skills