Details of the offer for Project Manager/ Pentester M/W about pentesting at RandoriSec in Paris

We are looking for:

A project manager quite familair with penetration testing.

The candidate is an independant mind who can be assertive and share her/his opinions easily and clearly.

The person will be in charge of:

- organising the workload and priorities to handle

- organise kick-off meetings

- complete contacts

- make sure all pre requisites are gathered

- a previous experience in assessment would be greatly appreciated

In order to be a good fit for this mission you'll have to: be able to multitask, bz able to handle a technical team and make sure everything is done from start to finish, having at least one previous experience in the field is mandatory and so is having a well rounded understanding of the different types of audits and penetration testings.

5/10y EXP