Details of the offer for Security Analyst W/M about pentesting at EVINA SAS in Paris

Within a technical team of 5 people, the candidate will be involved in the evolution of the anti-fraud solution published by the company. The missions on which it will be likely to intervene include:

- Penetration tests
- Search for fraudulent activity and validation of new fraud patterns
- Cybersecurity monitoring of new technologies and vulnerabilities
- Better inform the company's knowledge base and evolve the system to make it more intelligent in the face of new threats

This description takes into account the main responsibilities; it is not exhaustive.

The candidate has a first professional or personal experience in the field of hacking (and application security). He-She knows the web perfectly and has already navigated the dark web out of curiosity. Above all a versatile, curious and resourceful profile, he has a good command of Javascript and a knowledge of mobile and Kibana/ELK would be considered a plus.


- Involvement, dynamism and strong motivation to participate in an anti-fraud project,
- An ambitious and enterprising state of mind, he knows how to take risks in an exploratory research process,
- Obsession with utility. The candidate tenaciously seeks to achieve useful results. A pragmatic delivery-oriented approach, he-she favours results over means,
- Autonomous, curious, assiduous investigator profile who likes to find solutions to complex situations,
- "Solution maker" with an acute capacity for analysis and synthesis,
- Sharp, methodical, he likes to follow through with things
- Honesty, transparency, team spirit and empathy

LANGUAGES: Technical English.

For this recruitment, experience and soft skils will take precedence over training.