Details of the offer for Security Analyst H/F at eshard in Marseille

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Baby Monitors Security Analysis

The objective of the internship is to produce a security analysis of video remote surveillance products that are currently on the market. Focus will be put on remote baby monitors.

These products are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and are made of 3 parts:

  • The remote controllable camera, usually located at home
  •  The mobile application (android, iphone, …) that is used to view the video stream and control the camera
  • A backend running in the cloud that usually acts as bridge between the camera and the mobile

Security researchers have showed that these 3 elements are vulnerable to malicious individuals. In fact this kind of product has been hacked multiple times as reported in general news.

Real products from the market will be provided to the intern and - with the help of his supervisor - he/she will work on the following tasks:

  • Reproduce existing exploits on well-known vulnerable products and provide the corresponding analysis reports
  • Analyze other products for potential vulnerabilities: camera + mobile application + connections to the backend
  • Produce an analysis report.