Details of the offer for Front-end developer at SAS in Paris

CT-Square is a startup inventing a new way of managing security. We are looking for talented and passionate people to design the IT security of tomorrow.
You are passionate about UX-driven design and dataviz? You are rigorous, applied, and you like a job well done ?
We are looking for our first front-end developer. Come imagine and build with us new workflows and interfaces for our analysts and our clients.

Our stack

Our solution relies on automated data collection and analysis. We use:

  • typescript / React / Material-UI for the front-end
  • Ruby, du Python and Go for the backend
  • Kafka and Elastic Search to route and store our data
  • docker and  kubernetes to run everything/all together

Your role

You will work on two internal applications, dedicated to risk analysis and investigation after an intrusion. In both cases, the aim is to explore large amounts of data and help our analysts quickly make the right decisions. You will bootstrap a real UX approach for our dashboards and you will be responsible for our front-end and UX decisions, in direct communication with the users.

The profile

You have a solid technical training, Bac +2 / 5 (BTS Info, License, Master, Engineer, self-taught), and you’ve already built and brought real applications to production.

The ideal profile :

  • you have a passion for dataviz and data mining
  • you are autonomous in the implementation of these interfaces and the tech used
  • you know how to communicate and coordinate with a team
  • you are able to onboards other developers on the project as we grow
  • you are creative, innovative and not afraid to suggest new solutions.

If you …

  • are not an early bird, it doesn’t matter. We care about the work you get done, not the time you get here
  • are an early bird, the sunrise from our office is fantastic
  • don’t know anything about cyber security, no problem, we will to teach you.

Finally, if you are not the 5 legs sheep we are looking for, but you are really interested by this job, come and see us anyway. We are looking for people motivated by the project, and with whom we will enjoy working.