Details of the offer for analyste security at G+D Mobile Security France in Craponne

Within the Quality / Safety department, you carry out the following missions:

Implementation of the logical security policy of computer systems (network) and production systems (data processing process):

- You guarantee the correct application of the business rules in our production processes in interface with the development teams, the Keys Managers and the Network Administrators,

- You verify and audit the correct application of the procedures guaranteeing the security of the data and their storage conditions to meet the business standards (PCI CP, VISA, Mastercard, pooling of bank cards)

- You define the action plans to establish Security routines and control associated dashboards (internal and external)

- You prepare the internal safety committees.


Monitoring the security compliance of the evolutions of our information system (databases and infrastructure)

- You evaluate the evolution requests,

- You participate in the design of the solution by analyzing the possible differences with the safety standards of the profession,

- You instruct the evaluation files by coordinating the various internal teams and the certification bodies or external evaluation laboratories.

  Maintenance of security approvals (PCI CP, VISA, Mastercard, Grouping of bank cards):

- You participate in banking security audits

- You propose and pilot post-audit corrective action plans


Awareness raising and promotion, with the personnel, of the rules of security in force in the company